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Talpe is Sri Lanka’s most exclusive beachfront location, and Galle, founded in the sixteenth century is country’s cultural and historical bed. Serenia is the only beachfront apartment project with a close proximity (8km) to UNESCO protected Galle Fort. As stated in Oxford Business Group report, the average value of a beachfront property grew by 50% in 2017, however in Talpe it was 300% over the last three years due to it’s exclusivity and close proximity to Galle Fort and other key leisure hubs.
If you are a foreign investor purchasing property, we strongly recommend to open a “IIA” account, which offers you an account which can be maintained in foreign currency and /or Sri Lankan rupee at attractive rates and is exempted from local taxes.The proceeds may be freely repatriated through a IIA account provided the seller has remitted money through IIA to originally purchase the property.
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Dedicated to delivering luxury tourism, real estate and infrastructure projects, Sri Lanka welcomes foreign direct investment as well as support from international organizations – all of which have fruitfully liaised with the Sri Lankan government.Sri Lanka has consequently enjoyed a strong growth in recent years, having become a harbor of foreign direct investment.

Among the many reasons cited for investment include:

  • Strong dynamic growth and development
  • Political stability and social tolerant harmony
  • Regional business hub
  • Foreign investors enjoying freehold rights for condominiums
  • Educated and multilingual young talent
  • Strategic geographical position with ocean access between the East and the West
  • Part of the great “Silk Road” initiative
  • Strong tourism arrivals growth
  • High capital gains in a beachfront real estate sector
  • Beachfront properties half the price compare to Bali or Thailand

It comes as no surprise that Sri Lanka has become the home away from home for many. Between majestic mountains, thick and lush rain forests, and the turquoise ocean, Sri Lanka crystalizes as a familiar and welcoming home.Globetrotting sun-seekers, who may want a second beachfront home, and foreign investors, scouting for exclusive properties for their impressive portfolios, may be able to acquire freehold property rights over condominium units on any floor.